BackOffice Overview

Each morning PositionWatch interfaces to the backoffice to obtain the inventory data and the client master files. Currently PositionWatch supports ADP, Dataphile and ISM. All inventory data is stored in history for audit trail purposes and client master is updated daily with new and amended client data. Intraday and end-of-day trade files are sent to backoffice in respective native formats to post the trades, inventory moves, and client allocations.

If a firm desires single market compression, PositionWatch interfaces with the CDS data each morning to perform an automated trade break reconciliation process to detect any possible breaks between the backoffice and CDS.

PositionWatch is complete middle office solution providing firms with Position Management, Ticketing, Risk Management, Compliance and Management Reporting. PositionWatch reduces the ticketing costs and increases the resource efficiencies with seamless integration to all of the backoffices.

Please click through our menus to discover the functionality of PositionWatch. A brief overview for each section is located in the first menu item.